Once a shipment has been completed, i.e. when the equipment has arrived with the South partner and has been put to use, a report must be submitted to the RfD secretariat. The Danish organisation must prepare such a report with its South partner; inclusion of pictures and other information is encouraged. 

When drawing up the completion report refer to the initial application in order to remind yourself about the plans originally laid out for the shipment. The application is considered a sort of promise from the applicant to RfD regarding what plans and activities you will carry out if a grant is rewarded. The secretariat therefore refers to the application when assessing the completion report in order to review the extent to which the initial promises have been fulfilled.

The completion report may be organised under three headings:

We achieved something

Explain about the actual course of events: did you keep the original time schedule, was the equipment in good condition upon arrival, and has it been put to use, who in the community is benefitting from the equipment, what the significance may the equipment hold for poor people.

We got wiser

It is essential that you share your experience: how did the division of labour between the Danish organisation and the South partner work out, did the shipment pass through custom clearance without problems, could certain tasks have been handled differently, have you been too optimistic with regard to what wonders the equipment can do, has the South partner the required professional and technical insights to operate and maintain the equipment, and are the expected funds for operations and maintenance available. 

Now we would like to… 

Finish the completion report by mentioning what plans are being made for the further collaboration between the Danish partner and the South partner, and if you contemplate to submit a new RfD application at a later point in time.